Ashay’s 72 Hour Wakanda Book-A-Thon
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Ashay’s 72 Hour Wakanda Book-A-Thon

Ashay’s 72 Hour Wakanda Book-A-Thon

We are all being sheltered in and now is a great time to read your favorite books.  So for the next 72 hours I am going to do an online WAKANDA Book-A-Thon. The first 25 people who purchase $95+ will receive a $25 Gift Certificate from Ashay ByThe Bay. This Gift Certificate can be used on your next order.  This online event begins March 18th (Noon) and ends March 21st (Noon) PST.

Also shoppers can take advantage of the our current specials, BHS2020 Promotion On Early Readers and Free Media Mail Shipping.  It’s a super deal and you will receive your Gift Certificate as soon as we ship your first order.

I will be promoting on Social Media and will post the winners names (and State only) on this blog page as the orders come in.  So share this with your friends and family and let’s all keep reading as we “shelter in”.

And the Winners are! 

Name.                                                             State.                                                     

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