MINDFUL MESSAGES Celebrates 12 Years Mentoring in Oakland!
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MINDFUL MESSAGES Celebrates 12 Years Mentoring in Oakland!

The Mindful Messages Summer Mentoring Program has come to an end after 12 years in Oakland.  It is something I will dearly miss, but I know it is time for me to move on.  I created the program from my book Mindful Messages which I published in 2002 which focused on Africentric curriculum, culture and life skills for teens.  Even though, much of the work was volunteer, I really enjoyed woking with youth, writing the curriculum, planning activities and taking the kids on exciting summer field trips.  But honestly, I came to a decision, that I needed to devote more time to my health and to my book business, Ashay by the Bay.   And it is time for new mentors to step up and lead.

As the Executive Director of Mindful Messages I am thankful for the partnerships with the Bridge Housing, The City of Oakland and Oakland Housing Authority.  And I must say, to my Site Coordinators and Assistants, that it was a pleasure working with so many talented young people who gave so much of their time and energy.  And  to everyone, know that I am forever grateful for the gift of mentoring and to have had the opportunity to enrich the lives of so many wonderful youth in East and West Oakland and beyond.

Thanks Kids, it's been a real blast!  12 amazing years filled with many great memories.  Peace and Love.

Remember, continue to be mindful and STAY FOCUSED!  

Ms. Day

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