Mindful Messages Summer Program Begins June 12th.

The Mindful Messages Summer Mentoring Program started this week in West Oakland at the following four sites: Mandela Gateway, Chestnut LInden, Campbell Village and Iron Horse Communities.   Our 9 Week Summer Program (June 12 - August 10) Is for youth Ages 8-14.  Mindful Messages is more than a Africentric cultural enrichment program, because we also focus on health education, culture and life skills.   We also teach the kids Yoga and we are in our fourth year of Swahili and they receive a FREE lunch and snack, compliments of the City of Oakland.  The hours are generally 11-3 Monday - Thursday and we have great staff to teach and mentor.  The kids have are also building a movable art mural and they have several Field Trips and activities planned this summer, which include a Trip to Monterrey,  A Trip to Yosemite and a Tour of Oakland's Black Businesses Downtown.   And this summer we are offering a Work Read Program for Pre-Teens 12-14.

So if you live in those four communities, we still have some space available.  Looking forward to seeing you.  It's going to be a great summer! 


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