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Deborah Day

A Mother’s Influence

  • Mother’s Day this year was wonderful. I spent part of the day with my soon to be daughter in law and we enjoyed lunch and just talking.   But as I thought about how I raised my son, I was reminded of the importance of the power that we have as Mother’s to influence the kind of literature our children are reading.  We can’t just depend on the schools to send our kids home with good books to read.  We have to teach our children to love reading and to seek out literature they will enjoy as well as literature that should be considered a must read. And some of this literature that they seek must include people of color who look like them.
  • So thanks to all the Moms who recognize the importance of keeping their kids home libraries full of great books about their culture and history and who advocate for more quality culturally relevant literature at their children’s schools and classrooms.  And for teaching their children self awareness and to have pride in themselves. And thanks for all the love and hugs you bless them with everyday.      
  • So in your community and at their school, if It is books on African Americans that they need direct them to my online store Ashay By The Bay The #1 Black Children’s Bookstore!  We have school collections Baby-3 and K-12 and I will happy to help the selection.  Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day everyday.
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