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Summer is In Full Swing

Summer is In Full Swing

Happy Summer Everyone,

I want to wish all my customers, family and friends a Happy Summer.  This is the first time in 12 years that I have had my summer to myself.  Well not exactly, to my self.   Since I no longer direct the Mindful Messages Summer Mentoring Program in West Oakland, I find that I am even more busy with the daily operations and marketing for Ashay by The Bay.  Soon I will make an important announcement about Ashay by the Bay new markets and opportunities so stay tuned.  

And although this is late, I searched and found some resources for summer and after school programs for youth in Oakland.  Several offer African Centered curriculum. All are established and provide great activities that are designed for youth education and enjoyment.

Boys and Girls Clubs                                                                                           

Has 3 locations and is part of a National Program.  They offer various activities including sports and after school programs for youth.             

Address8530 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94621 Phone: 510-535-9451            

Address920 24th St, Oakland, CA 94607  Phone: 510-272-9929       

Address1818, 3300 High St, Oakland, CA 94619   Phone: 510-444-8211           

For More Information: www.bgca.ord

Oakland Freedom Schools                                                                                   

Offers a 6-week summer academic literacy and cultural enrichment program serving 180 students (60 at each site), ages 5-13           

Address1266 14th St, Oakland, CA 94607   Phone: LaCole Martin: 510.912.9232   

For More Information

Ujimaa Foundation                                                                                             

Ujima is an urban development organization that believes in community and sustainability. It believes all children should grow up in a family set up and that the best support we can give our beneficiaries are the tools they need for self-support. They utilize the “Nguzo Saba” principles of Kwanzaa, Ujimaa and Ujamaa and focuses on the ( 9 Codes of Conduct, the Culture and the Environment. They offer several Summer and Before School Programs in Oakland and Youth Job Training.                                                                                                        

Address: 835 Isabella St Oakland Ca 94607  Phone: 510-598-9558                           

For More Information:

lle Omade                                                                                                          

Offers, a positive, deeply enriched Afri-Centric curriculum provides children with a deep foundation from which to grow and find their calling. Summer Enrollment is Open - Robots, coding, science, dance and drum - a fun-filled summer awaits. Four, 2 week camps begin on June 18.   (Also  Offers A  Year Round School)         

Address8924 Holly St, Oakland, CA 9462    Phone: (510) 632-8230                        

For More Information:

West Oakland Youth Center                                                                     

Address3233 Market St, Oakland, CA 94608   Phone(510) 595-3223                       



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