When Writing A Children’s Book Don’t Forget Dyslexic or Struggling Readers

I meet new authors all the time who are writing or have written a children’s book.  And who are promoting their books and seeking distribution.  Word of advice, please remember all children are not at the same reading level and some may have real difficulty reading the text.  Knowing this ahead of time and taking into consideration that some children may have a learning disability will add to the success of your book.  So often I turn down book suggestions for my collections because they are not designed well and lack good illustration.  Fancy fonts  I came across this article by author, Amy Witcher Richau and she explains the importance of book design in reference to dyslexic readers.  It’s definitely worth reading if you are writing a children’s book. 

4 Ways a Book Design Can Frustrate a Dyslexic Reader      By Amy Witcher Richau

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