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Homer G. Phillips Project: A Jewel In History
Homer G. Phillips Project: A Jewel In History

$ 35.00


Homer G. Phillips Project: A Jewel In History

Mukula J. Godwin (Producer) and the Award Winning (Director) Chike C. Nwoffiah

List Price: $35.00 -125.00. (VHS or DVD / Film / Black Hospitals - 2000)

Description: A thought provoking story of black hospitals in America through rhe lens of one institution, the Homer G. Phillips Hospital for the Colored in St. Louis. In this documentary there are great Interviews with former doctors, nurses, staff and patients and detailed footage inside the now closed hospital. This hospital was once a beacon of light for black student doctors and nurses entering the field of medicine during Jim Crow and segregation. It was one of of the last of several black hospitals in the United States who's primary concern was the health care of African Americans prior to managed care institutions. Must specify VHS or DVD Format (53 Minutes)

Ashay says, "I believe this documentary to be very timely, particularly to the black community because it shows us how important it is for African Americans to maintain our own institutions. The impact lasts several generations and so we must continue to play an active role in the management and ownership of our institutions that are integral to maintaining our communities. I recommend it be seen by all health care professionals and advocates."

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