Seeking the Sakhu:Foundational Writings for an African Psychology
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Seeking the Sakhu:Foundational Writings for an African Psychology

Wade W. Nobles (A)

List Price: $27.95 (Paperback - African American Studies /African Centered Psychology - 2006)

Description:A complete discussion of the history and principles of African-centered psychology, this work explores the development of the African American mindset in society and reveals the thought processes of the African mind in America. Using a new approach that decries the various negative influences upon African Americans and their families, this treatise proposes a method that reclaims and restores the mind and spirit of African Americans. (470 pages) Adult

Ashay says, "You know sometimes, you buy a book because you like the cover of the book. Well that is kind of how I felt when I got my first copy of Seeking the Sakhu. I wanted to literally drink the spiritual essence of the book. Having met Dr. Nobles and having read his book, African Psychology and listening to his CD on Seeking the Sakhu, I knew I wanted to learn more building an African centered consciousness. He is a brilliant scholar and teacher, who continues to shine the light of truth. A must have for your library."

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