Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Stride
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Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Stride

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Andrea Davis Pinkney (A) and Brian Pinkney (ILT)

List Price: $16.99 (Hardcover - Biography / African American Leader / Abolitionist and Feminist - 2009)

Description: A dynamic portrait of the freed slave whose physical and spiritual strength made her one of America most powerful abolitionist voices.

Synopsis:She was big. She was black. She was so beautiful.

Born into slavery, Belle had to endure the cruelty of several masters before she escaped to freedom. And oh, was freedom sweet! But still, she knew that she wouldn't really be free unless she was helping to end slavery and injustice in America. That when she changed her name to Sojourner and began traveling across the country, demanding equal rights for black people and for women.

A woman of towering height and a mesmerizing speaker, Sojourner began drawing mighty crowds wherever she went. Many people weren't ready for her message-some even threatened her. But Sojourner was brave and her truth was powerful, and people would remember what she said. And slowly, but surely as Sojourner step-stomp stride, America began to change. (32 pages) Ages 4-8

Celebrated author-illustrator team Andrea Davis and Brian Pinkney tell the story of one of the most unique and courageous women in American history, Sojourner Truth.

Ashay says, "Like Sister Harriet, smart, strong and fearless, Sojourner stood and spoke the truth and shredded the lies of opinion that denied her human and civil rights and changed history forever. Her voice as an abolitionist caused people to rethink the institution of slavery. Her voice as a feminist made people recognize the importance of black women to the struggle for women rights and demanded the respect for all women. A remarKable woman ... an empowering story for everyone. Congratulations to the Pinkney's. Step Stomp Stride is essential to the classrooms and libraries. Gotta have it."

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