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5 Steps To Success

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan       Schedule your event 3-6 weeks prior to the event. Aim high and keep your fundraising purpose in mind. An Online event is 30 days and Onsite event is 1-2 days. Set a sales goal and date that coincides with a your school activities such as Back to School Night, Black History Month, a sporting event or other special celebration. Keep in mind holidays and other important gift giving occasions increase sales.

Identify Your Team
Select a group of students and parent volunteers and call a meeting. Clarify your purpose for the fundraiser and set priorities. Identify everyone’s roles and responsibilities for the following duties: creating customer lists, posting flyers, sending emails, making phone calls, counting inventory (if needed) and selling books. Connect with the PTA, teachers and parents ad get everyone’s support to promote the event.

Promote Your Event  This is very important. Take a moment to become familiar with the books and other products on the website. Find out which books your library needs or students would like to read and create a wish list for the classroom. You can also use Gift Certificates, write pre-orders and get commitments from parents, and supporters. (Books can be purchased and donated to your school.)  It’s a good idea to coordinate with the school librarian and other teachers; maybe they have some extra funds. Then use Social Media like mad and promote like mad on Facebook and Twitter.  Everything is at your fingertips.

Promote, Promote, Promote and Pre Sell Get Organized! 2-3 weeks before the event do a press release, distribute flyers, posters send emails, make phone calls and send pre-order forms home to parents. A week before the event collect pre-orders and send another reminder (email, fax, phone) if possible about the event.

Be Organized!
Don’t worry about the outcome, just stay focused everything will be more successful if you are organized.