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Ashay By The Bay Book Fairs

Ashay By The Bay is a unique online book reseller located in California’s East Bay Area. We sell books throughout the country and we offer our customers a great selection of African American and Multi-Cultural K-12 books as well as many other educational products and services. We also participate in many local and national community events, festivals and conferences.










Fund Raising and Mindful Intervention
In 2007 we began offering Online and Onsite Book Fairs to schools and organizations as a means of fundraising. Understanding the market we know it is one of the best ways to encourage reading and introduce kids to new literature. We call it "Mindful Intervention" because through our book fairs schools can offer a greater selection of culturally responsive reading choices for their students. Books written particularly for African American youth with positive images and stories about their culture and history will be a huge benefit at a critical time in their lives and will provide a boost towards narrowing the academic achievement gap. But equally important, other students and the community benefit as we seek to increase literacy and build a better nation.


With this in mind, we are ready to work with you as an educational resource and fund raising partner to provide all children with the best in Black Children and Multi-Cultural Children’s literature. We stock a offer a diverse selection of top quality books. Our books are reviewed and selected based on content, character development, theme, illustrations, reading level and price. Our book categories include: fiction, non-fiction, poetry and biographies etc. and they represent some of the best African American authors and illustrators. We also carry books written by and for people of various other ethnic groups including: African, Caribbean, Native American, Asian, Middle East and Spanish and Bi-Lingual cultures.

Our books range from the great classics, to best sellers to the most popular. The majority of them have been selected as part of the Core Curriculum used nationwide in most school districts. We also carry Africentric Curriculum, and Ethnic Games, Puzzles, Music CD’s and DVD’s. Most of our books we sell are new and shipped direct from the publisher. Some are overstocks and in excellent condition and some are published by independent publishers. However, we are selective and only through smart marketing, can we provide this opportunity and pass the savings directly to our customers. Only the best books will be sold at our book fairs.

Earn Money for Your School or Organization and Let’s Empower Everyone.

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