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Green Wave Filters

Many of you know me as Ashay by the Bay the Author and Bookseller but I am also interested in safe clean environments. especially in the home.  In today's high tech world our homes and work places are bombarded with  Electro Magnetic Energy that creates an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) and or radiation that comes from our computers, micro waves and other modern appliances.  This energy creates "dirty electricity" in our environment which can be extremely dangerous to your health in a multitude of ways.  Long term exposure of EMF Energy can cause these health risks:          

Asthma, ADD /ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes, Headaches, Muscle and Joint Pain and Sleep Disturbances                                                                      

Last year I became aware of Green Wave Filters and purchased some for my home. These filters are designed to block and recycle the dirty electric coming in to your home through the electrical wiring.  I was amazed at the reduction of the EMF and  the noise level and I felt somewhat less stressful in my home.

I am now an affiliate of Green Wave Filters and I recommend them for anyone who is interested in a healthier EMF Free environment for themselves and their family.  Follow the links below to start your order today. 

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