Greetings Parents and Educators!

This space is for professional Griots, Poets, Storytellers and Drummers in the Bay Area who are experienced at performing for children and who want to connect with schools for their services. If you are interested in having someone visit your school or organization, please contact them directly. We also recommend you inquire about any fees or contracts if any.  Our responsibility solely is to be a resource to the community. Let's keep storytelling alive for our children because it increases reading and listening skills and promotes self-expression and culture. Also included is a list of Bay Area Master Drummers and Musicians

Griots, Poets, Storytellers, Drummers and Other Performers

Alison Chokwadi Fletcher Jokwadi
Poet, Dancer and Storyteller
Contact Email:

Asale M. Kimaaada
Black History Exhibits by Grandmothers Who Help and Storyteller
Contact Phone: 925-606-7239

Charlotte Hall
Little Hands Book Club
Charlotte's Reading Program
Contact Phone: 559-790-4379

Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey
Storyteller, Musician and Singer
Contact Phone and Email: 510-931-7646 

Naru Kwina
Hip Learning
Performances at School Assemblies. Concerts and Workshops Specialty Science and “The Human Body 101"
Contact Phone and Email: 510-842-3324 or

Mathew Gollub
Bay Area Author, Musician, Storytelling and Drumming Assemblies for Grades Pre-K-8 in English and Espanol
Contact Phone: 1-866-4 TORTUGA

Paradise Free JahLove
Griot and Poet Extraordinairre and Writer
Contact: Paradise

Tureeda Mikell
Tree of Life Health Literacy
Story Medicine Mends Memory Griot, Poet Storyteller and Song Writer, Author
Contact Phone: 510-812-8123

The Magic Forest
Great for Youth Programs, Corporate Events and all Celebrations.
Contact: Phone: 916-370-8464

Tony Gross
Cell Stories
Tells And Improvises Stories with a Cello Early Childhood and Pre-School – 2nd Grade
Contact Phone: 510-547-1790

Drummers and Musicians

Tacuma King
Bay Youth Arts
Master Drummer and Drum Core
Contact Phone: 510-282-1001

Tarika Lewis
Violinist My Strings Of Soul
(Lessons and Group Workshops)
Contact Phone: 510-827-8962

Val Serrant
Kemet Foundation
Master Drummer From Africa to the Caribbean
Contact Phone: 510-434-1895