Homework Helpers for Kids

    Homework Helpers “BeCuz It’s Cool To Be Smart”

It’s Back To School time again and everyone should be focused on doing there very best. Here are some ideas that will help you do better in school so you can bring home A’s and B’s to your parents.
  • Listen to Your Teacher and to Others
  • Ask Questions Raise Your Hand and Speak Clearly
  • Don’t Do Stupid Things That Will Get You In Trouble
  • Participate In Class Everyday and Take Notes (Techies Takes Notes)
  • If Other Kids Are Being Disrespectful Ask Yourself What if You Were The Teacher
  • If Your Teacher Doesn't Ever Call On You Ask Why
  • Find A Quiet Place for Study and Make It Your Own
  • Create A Box or Drawer for all Your Desk Stuff: Paper, Pens, Pencils, and Erasers etc.
  • Let Your Friends Know to Chill Out for Study Time
  • Put Away The Video Games and other Tech Toys
  • Turn Off The TV and the Noise
  • Stay Off the Phone Unless It is Needed for Homework Help
  • To Get Top Grades Complete All Homework Assignments On Time
  • To Slam Dunk Your Grades You Must Over Study for All Tests
  • Use The Computer to Help You Search For Information
  • For Presentation Type Your Reports and Use Spell Check and the Dictionary
  • Take Pride in Your Work and Show and Stand Up Bcuz You Are An Intelligent Person
  • Go to the Library and Locate Great Books, Videos and Other Interesting Stuff
  • READ, READ, READ As Many Books As You Can!

     Kids Best Test Taking Tips “Listen Up”

Taking a Test can be rough.  And some kids get really nervous and chew on their pencils or their hands start to sweat.  But no need to worry that is normal stuff.  But not when you know how to ace the exam.
  • Listen to Your Teacher’s Instructions and Be Clear What is Expected of You
  • Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep The Night Before (Your Memory Will Be Sharper)
  • Eat Breakfast So You Won’t Be Thinking About Your Stomach or Mac Donalds
  • Be Sure You Know the Material. No Surprises Remember Your N
  • At Test Time Scan The Test First See What Parts Will You Need to Spend More Time
  • Make Sure You Understand Everything and If Not Ask Your Teacher to Break It Down
  • Never Panic, Know That Some Kids Are Feeling Exactly Like You … Just Relax
  • When You Reach A Difficult Question Answer It The Best You Can and Come Back To It Later You May Have More Information … Just Think
  • If You Think You Are Going to Pass Out Take a Deep Breath and Count to 10 and Relax See Yourself Getting A’s and B’s and Going to College
  • If You Forget The Answers Just Start Going Back in Your Mind and You Might Remember It, If You Still Can’t Remember Take Your Best Guess
  • At The End of the Test Always Go Back and Check Your Answers And Add More to Your Answers if You Need Too
  • Do Your Best Not To Rush Through The Test
  • Focus, Focus and Always Remember You’re a Genius and a Winner!