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Homework Tips for Parents

      Homework Tips for Parents “Expect the Best”

  • Be a Role Model – Start Reading To Your Child Early and Take the Opportunity to Read a Book or Newspaper While Your Child Studies.  Reading Together Helps Set The Pace And Creates A Great Learning Atmosphere
  • Build A Family Library And Fill it With All Genres of Picture and Chapter Books and Make Sure Many of Them Are By and About People Of Color
  • Get Involved and Show an Interest in Your Child’s Homework Assignments. Ask About their School Day and the Subjects and the Work to be Done 
  • Teach Your Child How to be Organized and Keep A Weekly Homework Assignment Book to Write Down Assignments and Check Them Off When Done 
  • Establish a Quiet Time and Encourage Regular Study Time and Eliminate as Many Distractions as Possible No Procrastination and No Phone, TV or Tech Toys 
  • Make Sure Your Child Has a Specific Place to do Homework That Offers Ample Lighting, Minimal Noise and Plenty of Work Space
  • Develop a Strategy for Dealing with Homework Issues and Find a Plan That Works for Your Family and Stick it on the Fridge so Everyone Can See It
  • Try to Relate the Homework to Your Child’s Everyday Life. For Instance, Fractions and Measurements Can Be Learned as the Child Prepares a Favorite Food or Sports
  • See if the School Has a Homework Hotline (That Lists Your Child’s Assignments) and/or a Homework Helpline (Assistance for Your Child)
  • Review Completed and Graded Assignments. Discuss Errors to be Sure Your Child Understands the Material.
  • Meet With Your Child’s Teacher to Discuss the Nature of the Approach to Reading, Spelling and Other Topics That Your Child is Being Taught Understand the System
  • Advocate for Your Child and Share Concerns About the Amount or Type of Homework Assigned andLet Them Know if Your Children Are Having Difficulty 
  • Praise Your Child for Successfully Completing Homework. Nothing Builds Self-Esteem Like Praise From Parents. File or Post Assignment Done Well
  • Offer Monetary Reward for Good Grades and Try to be Consistent Because You Gotta Give Them Money Anyway Make Them Earn It ($5 for A’s, $3 for B’s and $1 for C’s)  


Not sure what books to buy your kids. Download Ashay’s Reading List for African Americans K-12 and Latino American (Bi-Lingual) K-6.  You will find that most of the books meet the Core Curriculum Standards for the Classroom and also are approved for the the Accelerated Reading Program.

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