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Run For Your Life
Run For Your Life

$ 6.99

Run For Your Life

Marilyn Levy

List Price: $6.99 (Paperback - Teen Fiction / Sports / Achievement - 1997)
Ashay's Price: $6.99

Kisha, 13, and her younger brother are the third generation of their family to live in an Oakland, Calif., housing project. Her father, out of work for two years, has grown embittered, and while drugs and violence are part of everyday life, they haven't lost their power to scare Kisha. But when a new youth director at the community center organizes a girls' track team, he instills hope, discipline and a sense of belonging in Kisha and her friends-enough to help them withstand the pressures of the streets and the abuse many of them encounter at home. (217 pgs) Ages 10-14

"Ashay Says: This book is based on a true story and tells how one girl became involved in sports and changed her life. Please get it for your library."

ISBN: AABA978-0064420259

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