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Ramona T. Nickens (A) and Yvetta Doll Franklin (A) and Tammy Artis (ILT)

List Price: $9.00 (Paperback - Friendship / Communication / Slang vs Standard English - 2012)

Description: A tender naive friendship is challenged when both girls become valdictorian candidates. One young girl emulates street talk and the other articulates Standard English. Yet both are champions in their academics.

(Often Slang is viewed as adding flavor to the language of the user. It like adding cayenne pepper to an otherwise bland dish. When slang is used in the wrong setting it can burn the ear of the listener. Knowing and using Standard English properly in any setting can enlighten the hearing of the listener. It like a common denominator across many cultures.)

This work will entertain, empower and encourage readers of all ages to communicate effectively. (58 pgs ) Ages 9-12

Ashay says, "This is an excellent book with a powerful message that will hold the attention of our young girls. It reminds our youth that although slang sometimes referred to as Ebonics is cool around your peers, one has to be mindful of when and how to use it. Especially when focusing on academics. Most often times Standard English may be more appropriate and might open a few more doors. Kudos to Ramona and Yvetta, they have a winning book. Perfect for the classroom and the library, buy it today!"

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