Africa Is Not A Country (Customs and Culture)
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Africa Is Not A Country

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Mary Burns Knight (A) and Margey Knight and Anne Sibley OBrien (ILT)

List Price: $9.95 (Paperback - Various African Children and Countries - 2002)

Demonstrates the diversity of the African continent by describing daily life in some of its fifty-three nations.

Tells the stories of the ordinary lives of children throughout a typical day in various countries of Africa make the point that Africa is a continent rather than a monolithic country. As the sun rises, Arim and Efrem get ready for the school day in Eritrea, which was once a part of Ethiopia, and now is the newest independent country in Africa. They listen to the radio while eating a warm breakfast and their morning is then contrasted with that of Mantoh, Tepe, Nkolo and Folla in Cameroon who must do chores such as selling milk and providing water and firewood for the family before walking to school. As the day progresses, the reader learns that just as the lives of the children are different in various cultures, so too is the environment in which they live. From the snow covered mountains in Lesotho to the sandy desert in Mauritania, the children are pictured in attractive, colorful illustrations. The back of the book contains a listing of all the African countries and includes pertinent details such as population figures and some historical background. (48 pgs) Ages 8-12

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