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Broken Feather
Broken Feather

$ 15.99

Broken Feather

Verla Kay (A) and Stephen Alcorn (ILT)

List Price: $15.99 (Hardcover - Native American / Nez Perce / Invasion / Battle / Relocation - 2002)

Description: Broken Feather homeland is a wonderful place. It full of natural beauty, proud tribesmen, and fish just waiting to be caught.

But then white men appear.At first they just pass through, but when they begin to clear land and build houses, even Broken Feather can tell trouble is brewing. It culminates in a battle the tribe loses, but even though they are forced onto a reservation, Broken Feather pride in his heritage remains strong. (32 pgs) Ages 4-8

Ashay says, "I like this book because it is a truthful. In a poetic voice it tells of a utopian village of the Nez Perce tribe that gets disrupted when the white settlers invaded their homeland. Great story and nice art. Must have for the library and classroom!"

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ISBN: AAFC978-0940975238

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