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Cool Science Experiments
Cool Science Experiments

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Cool Science Experiments

Written By Educators and Glen Singleton (A)

List Price: $14.99 (Hardcover -Experiments in Astronomy / Biology / Chemistry / Geology / Physics / Weather - 2013)

Description: Do you know how to make your own explosive volcano? Or how rainbows are made? Learn all about it with Cool Science Experiments! Explore the world of science and learn about Earth and the solar system through 365 experiments that will challenge and entertain you. You will be amazed at how much you learn while having so much fun! All of these activities have been designed to use everyday items that can usually be found in the home. Some activities may require items to be purchased but these should be inexpensive, or alternatives can be found. (183 pgs)

Ashay says, "Many of our kids love science. They just need books and guidance and then they can do all kinds of experiments. We need some more Benjamin Bannekers. This book has a nice format, plastic guides, space to keep notes and some color pictures. Buy it today for your future scientists."

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ISBN: ACTI978-1743088890

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