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Dear Benjamin Banneker

Andrea Davis Pinkney (A) and Brian Pinkney (ILT)

List Price: $7.00 (Paperback - African American History / Free Black / Scientist Engineer / Genius - 1998)

Description: Benjamin Banneker was born free when most blacks in this country were still enslaved. But it troubled him that not all blacks were not free. An accomplished astronomer and mathematician, he decided to take a stand against slavery by writing to then-Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. This is the story of their extraordinary correspondence. (32 pgs) Ages9-12

Ashay says, "Benjamin Banneker was an accomplished brilliant man. His story is often over looked in American history. Did you know that he he helped create the clock and also laid out the design for the nation capital, Washington D.C. Let continue to acknowledge and celebrate him. Must have for the library!"

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ISBN: AABA978-0152018924

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