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Don't Give It Away! Don't Give It Away! Don't Give It Away! Don't Give It Away! Don't Give It Away!

$ 13.99

Don't Give It Away!

Iyanla Vanzant (A)

List Price: $13.99 (Paperback - Self Help and Motivation / Workbook - 1999)

Don't Give It Away!: A Workbook of Self Awareness for Young Women

Description: You are special. You are precious. You are It!

Today, Iyanla Vanzant is a bestselling author with her own business and a loving family. But it wasn't so long ago that she was a teenager -- a sixteen-year-old mother and high school dropout on welfare. Iyanla knows that a young woman journey can be lonely and hard. She remembers how difficult it is to put into words the way you feel, how it feels to want to be loved.
In Dont Give It Away!, Iyanla presents a workbook in which you can write your feelings and express your thoughts about the things that matter to you -- your family, your friends, your body, and your love life. Problems at home and at school are a natural part of every young woman life, but understanding what to do with how you feel about your problems is the key to growing up. Iyanla Vanzant shows you that the love you seek is the love that you are. (128 pgs) All Ages

Ashay says, "Thank you Iyanla Vanzant for all the self-help books for women you have given us. My favorite is Value of the Valley, which I will add also. This one is perfect for our teen girls and I think it will be helpful as they seek to know and love thyself and know thyself. A great space for getting your feelings out. Buy it today for someone special also it a perfect book for a Girls Mentoring Programs!"

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