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Drama High: The Fight

L. Devine (A)

List Price: $9.95 (Paperback - Young Adult Fiction / Relationships - 2006)

Description: Brimming with the same spirited sense of style and magic as Disneys Thatäó»s So Raven, Drama High introduces a fun, brazen new series featuring a young sistah whoäó»s learning that life in the hood is nothing compared to life in high school? Proudly hailing from Compton, USA, sixteen-year-old Jayd Jackson is no stranger to drive-by shootings or run-ins with the friendly neighborhood crack head. Street-smart, book-smart, and life-smart, sheäó»s nobodyäó»s fool least of all KJäó»s, the most popular and cutest basketball jock at South Bay High, aka Drama High. Yes, itäó»s a fact, Jayd fell hard for his player ways for a time, but now that KJäó»s shown his true colors?dumping Jayd because she refused to give up the cookies, sheäó»s through with him and his game playing for good. Jayd just wants to start her Junior year of high school drama free. But wanting ainäó»t getting, especially at a place like Drama High, a predominately white high school in a wealthy part of Los Angeles, where Jayd and 30 other Compton kids get bussed to daily. Saying race relations arenäó»t what they should be would be putting it mildly, and thatäó»s just the beginning of the drama. Jaydäó»s first day back to school, KJs new girlfriend, Trecee, steps to her wanting to fight. Egged on by Misty, Jaydäó»s former best friend-turned-nemesis, Trecee wants to make Jayd understand that KJ is off limits even if she has to do it with her fists. With the fight set for Friday, and the sistah drama at an all time high, Jayd is about to learn whoäó»s really got her back and more importantly, when she?s got to watch it. But at least she can always count on Mama, and her mystical bag of tricks.

Drama High is a remarkably assured debut, and L. Divine is a tantalizing and refreshing new voice. Jayd and her bold, honest, and laugh-out-loud funny assessment of life, along with her quirky cast of friends, classmates, loves, her magical family and eccentric neighbors make for an irresistible, canäó»t-put-it-down read. L. Divine holds a Masters in African American Studies and Educational Psychology from UCLA. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter and son. (202 pgs) Young Adult

Ashay says, "This is a very popular series for young adults. My son read this book and he liked it. He said the characters, conversations and issues are real for todays high school teens. Get it for your High School Teens."

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