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List Price:  $22.99 (Card Game - Financial Literacy and Strategy for Couples - 2022)

Love and Money Couple Card Game helps in honest communication! If you're looking to build a closer connection with your partner and better understand their thoughts about money, the Love and Money Couple Card Game is perfect for you. This fun and informative game help promote honest communication while providing financial questions to get the conversation started. Whether you're ly dating or have been together for years, this game is a great way to get to k your partner better and learn more about how they think and feel about money. Created by Jamilah McCluney - These couple conversation cards are designed by a financial advisor Jamilah McCluney having over 10 years of experience, and the questions will help you learn about everything from budgeting to investing. What's really great about this game is that it's entertaining as well as educational, so you can learn while you have fun. This game is perfect for couples who want to get on the same page about their money and start working towards their financial goals. Key features: The Love and Money card game is designed to help couples communicate about money The card game asks financial questions for understanding your loved one The questions are built by an experienced financial advisor to ensure that you're getting accurate and helpful information The game encourages honest communication, so couples can work together to achieve their financial goals It improves relationship communication by giving couples a fun way to discuss difficult topics It's a great way to add some excitement to your relationship and have some fun together Click on '''' and Get your Love and Money Cards Game today! Ages 17 Years +

Product Dimensions: ‎3.55 x 2.6 x 0.74 inches 

Shipping Weight: 7.4 ounces 

  • HELPS UNDERSTAND YOUR PARTNER - This couple card game is a fun way to discuss finances with your loved one. The game allows couples to openly discuss their financial goals and strategies. It helps in honest communication and builds a connection by giving you a deeper understanding of your partner's thoughts about money.
  • CREATED BY PROFESSIONAL - The card questions are created by an experienced financial advisor ''Jamilah McCluney'' who knows what information is important for couples to know. With this product, couples can learn about financial planning and management, and make informed decisions about their future. 
  • STRENGTHENS YOUR BOND - This relationship card game allows you to learn more about your partner's spending habits, likes and dislikes, and how could your partner handle a financial emergency! Playing this card game can help couples avoid money arguments and learn how to work together to manage their finances. These couple question cards are a must-have for date night!
  • GREAT FOR COUPLES - If you're in a relationship, or married, you know that money can sometimes be a touchy subject. We believe our cards will help you be more connected, engaged, and open about your money mindset and the experiences that shaped them. This game is an ideal way to understand your partner’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money.