AK918 Kwanzaa Greeting Cards
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AK918 Kwanzaa Greeting Cards

African American Expressions

List Price: $12.00 (Holiday Greeting Cards - 2016)

One of the most enjoyable holidays for many in our community, is Kwanzaa. A holiday all our own, Kwanzaa reminds us to take pride and comfort in the culture of black Americans. When Kwanzaa rolls around again and you're looking for a way to mark the occasion to share it with those you love, look no further than African American Expressions!

• Size 5" x 7" / 15 Cards and Foil Lined Envelopes Per Box

• Inscription: May your heart be filled with light as we celebrate the rich Kwanzaa heritage and principles. Let us take the time to share love and laughter for generations to come. Happy Kwanzaa!


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