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Know Thy Self

Naim Akbar (A)

List Price $13.00 (Paperback - Knowledge / Self - 1998)

Description: This exciting book lays out guidelines for establishing a genuine curriculum in self-knowledge and plainly identifies that the development of consciousness of oneself is a process that emerges from exposure to the fields of knowledge that help people to know their origins, their nature and their destiny. African people around the world remain in a state of semi-captivity because we have accepted a miseducation that teaches us the knowledge of other people's self. Such a system empowers those who come out knowing themselves and handicaps those who have no knowledge of self? (83 pgs)

Ashay says, "On your quest to connect with your roots, and gain more knowledge, don't forget to include this book. A must read for every person of African descent and a vlauable addition to your library."

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