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Light in the Darkness: A Story about How Slaves Learned in Secret

Lisa Cline Ransom (A) and James Ransome(ILT)

List Price: $16.99 (Hardcover - African American History / Slaves Forbidden to Read - 2013)

Description: Rosa and her mama go to school together-in the dark of night, silently, afraid that any noise they hear is a patroller on the lookout for escaped slaves. Their school is literally a hole in the ground, where lthey and other slaves of all ages gather to form letters out of sticks, scratch letters in the dirt, and pronounce their sounds in whispers. Young Rosa is eager to learn the letters and then the words, because after the words comes reading. But she must have patience, her mama reminds her, and keep her letters to herself when she working on the plantation. If the Master catches them, itll mean a whipping-one lash for each letter. No matter how slow and dangerous the process might be, Rosa is determined to learn, and pass on her learning to others. (40 pgs) Ages 5-8

Ashay says, "There are certain stories about our history that many young people do not know. Thsi is one of them. Can you imagine not being allowed to read and write. Can you imagine being punished for wanting to learn. I think if all black youth really understood this part of our history and the impact on our people. I think if they really understood, they would pursue reading and all academia with a new sense of purpose. Great for the classroom and library!"

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ISBN: AAHI978-1432134954

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