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Muktar and the Camels

$ 16.99

Janet Graber (A) and Scott Mack (ILT)

List Price: $16.99  (Hardcover - Somalia / Orphan / Responsibility / Finding His Purpose - 2009)

Description: Orphaned and alone in the refugee camp, the Somalian child, Muktar, remembers when his nomadic family once counted their wealth in camels. Trained to care for them, he remembers his father words, Camels first, Always camels first. Camels are treasure. His only memento from his father is a gnarled root that he keeps in the pocket of his shorts. His father warned him to use it wisely. There are no camels in the camp until a librarian arrives, leading three camels laden with books for the camp. The thrilled boy discovers that the third camel has a wounded foot.

After unloading and watering the camels, Muktar chews his root into a paste, applies it to the injured camel foot, and tears up his shirt to bind the wound. He is rewarded by being hired to travel with and care for the camels. (32 ps) (Ages 4-8)

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