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No More! Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance
No More! Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance

$ 7.99 $ 8.99

No More! Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance

Doreen Rappaport (A) Shane Evans (ILT)

List Price: $8.99 (Paperback - History / Slave Resistance - 2005)

Description: Ever since the first boatload of human cargo sailed to the New World, African Americans have waged a courageous struggle for dignity and freedom from slavery. Using true accounts, author Doreen Rappaport puts readers in the shoes of eleven extraordinary individuals, and documents the many forms of slave resistance: subversion, uprisings, escape, poetry, religion, and song. Must have for the library. (64 pgs) Ages 9 +

Ashay says, "Some people think our people didnt fight back, but they did and this book tells some of their stories. Also excellent illustrations by Shane Evans. I reccommend this book when parents ask for books that speak our history and enslavement here in America. Must have for both the library and classroom. Also look for Doreen Rappaport other historical books, Free At Last and Aint Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around. Teach!"

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ISBN: AAHI978-0763628765

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