Protest: Songs of Struggle and Resistance from Around the World
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Protest: Songs of Struggle and Resistance from Around the World

Ellipsis Arts

List Price: $16.98 (Protest Songs - 2004)

Description: Ever since the beginning of humanity people have expressd their feelings in song. And ever since the beginning of humanity people have protested against injustice.

It may be in our genes to sing out in protest... These songs protest everything from hypocrisy to violence, in all languages of the world, and they are exciting, rousing and inspiring. Includes songs from Algeria, Jamaica, Gabon, Ireland, Brittany, Chile, Lebanon, South Africa, Angola, Israel, USA, Zimbabwe, Wales, Congo and the internationally beloved protest singer, Pete Seeger.

Dedicated to musicians who sing out against injustice

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1) God Bless(e) America BAAZIZ Algerian rebel mixes pointed satire with fervent pleas for non-violence

2) Fighting For the Right Thing GARY NESTA PINE A Jamaican reggae star exposes government corruption, encourages enlightened reprisals

3) Eleke PIERRE AKENDENGUE For this legendary Gabonese activist-composer, music is a joyful force of liberation

4) Bobby Sands, MP LARRY KIRWAN (BLACK 47) Elegy for an IRA operative, Member of Parliament, hunger striker, and martyr 5) La Geste De Sarajevo TRI YANN From Brittany, Frances Celtic homeland, a choral dirge for aid workers killed in Sarajevo

6) Te Recuerdo Amanda CHRISTINE BREBES/DIEGO ROLON Warm acoustic elegy about one of many disappearances under Argentina's former regime

7) Speak Up MARCEL KHALIFE A Lebanese composer, using traditional instruments, arouses positive dissent

8) Ndimbeleni MZWAKHE MBULI South Africa's anti-apartheid poet sings that resistance is defense in his trademark Township lilt 9) Renuncia Impossivel KAFALA BROTHERS A posthumous indictment by a President of Angola is sung by sweet-voiced balladeers

10) Chad Gadya CHAVA ALBERSTEIN The Joan Baez of Israel sings one of her most controversial signature tunes

11) The Kent State Massacre BARBARA DANE Fiery American icon, alone with her guitar, recalls murder at an anti-war rally

12) Paite Rimam STELLA CHIWESHE Zimbabwean call-and-response prayer begging the Shona lion spirits to end all bloodshed

13) Cold Days of Febr'uary ROBIN WILLIAMSON The Incredible String Band's former front man in an a cappella meditation on war's futility

14) Esclave PAPA WEMBA The Congolese composer's famous rumba-laced diatribe against the human cost of slavery

15) Waist Deep In The Big Muddy PETE SEEGER Vietnam-era pacifist warning, performed live, that still sounds eerily contemporary

Ashay says, "I like this CD and I can see how it would be a great educational tool for the classroom. It could give young people good dose of activism."

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