Shades Of Memnon: Book 1
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Shades Of Memnon: Book 1

Gregory L. Walker (A)

List Price: $19.99 (Paperback - Fantasy / Adventure / Ancient African Civilization / African Hero - 1998)

Description:Shades of Memnon: The African Hero of the Trojan War and the Keys ot Ancient World Civilization

Tales of Memnon have inspired poets and sages for 3000 years, portraying an amazing figure whose name became associated withstatues along the Nile, with temples and tombs in ancient Turkey and Iran and with artwork and literature from ancient Greece and Rome. Celebrated by early Greek writers, Memnon was granted immortality by the gods in The Ethiopis, the third epic poem related to the Trojan War.Shades Of Memnon is an exciting, inspiring, award winning series of adventure novels written in the epic style of classics like The Lord Of The Rings. But this series revives the contributions of Africans to world history and ancient legends. (208 pgs) Young Adults

Ashay says, "My son is a Kemetian bookaholic and loves all books on the genre. He suggested I add Shades of Memnon and says it is a powerful epic tale surrounding a great African hero. I say, it is great to see fantasy adventure stories written by and about African people. Ones that will engage young readers and keep them hungry for more. This is the first book in the triology. Kudos to Griot Gregory Walker for creating such fine literature. Must have for the classroom and library!"

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