Sugar Plum Ballerinas Dancing Diva
Sugar Plum Ballerinas Dancing Diva
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Sugar Plum Ballerinas Dancing Diva

Whoopi Goldberg (A) and Deborah Underwood (ILT)

List Price: $4.99 (Paperback - Dance / Ballet / Stage Fright - 2012)

Description: Epatha knows she's the perfect pick for the lead in the new Sugar Plum ballet. But her dream role isn't as fabulosa as she imagined. When she tries to spice up the choreography with her free-spirited style it's up to the rest of the Sugar Plum Ballerinas to keep Epatha's toes in line. Will Epatha listen to her friends or can she convince the other ballerinas that her way is the best?

The sixth and final book in the Sugar Plum Ballerina series is as full of fun, mischief, and friendship as ever!
Ashay says, "The Sugar Plum Fantastic Series is a classic and must read for young girls who aspire to be a ballerina or who love to read books.  Read one and you will want to read all of them. Add them to your library collection today."

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