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The Birth of a Nation: Nat Turner and the Making of a Movement

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Nate Parker (A)

List Price: $24.00 (Hardcover - Slave Rebellion / Visionary / Preacher / Revolutionary - 2016) 

Description: This official tie-in to the highly acclaimed film, The Birth of a Nation, surveys the history and legacy of Nat Turner, the leader of one of the most renowned slave rebellions on American soil, while also exploring Turner’s relevance to contemporary dialogues on race relations.

Based on astounding events in American history, The Birth of a Nation is the epic story of one man championing the spirit of resistance as he leads a rough-and-tumble group into a revolt against injustice and slavery.

Breathing new life into a story that has been rife with controversy and prejudice for over two centuries, the film follows the rise of the visionary Virginian slave, Nat Turner. Hired out by his owner to preach to and placate slaves on drought-plagued plantations, Turner eventually transforms into an inspired, impassioned, and fierce anti-slavery leader.

Beautifully illustrated with stills from the movie and original illustrations, the book also features an essay by writer/director, Nate Parker, contributions by members of the cast and crew, and commentary by educator Brian Favors and historians Erica Armstrong Dunbar and Daina Ramey Berry who place Nat Turner and the rebellion he led into historical context. The Birth of a Nation reframes the way we think about slavery and resistance as it explores the passion, determination, and faith that inspired Nat Turner to sacrifice everything for freedom.

Ashay says, "Excellent, I love the book and the movie!  The Birth of a Nation is a very important film and should be viewed by everyone.  It represents a part of our untold African American history that honors the liberation efforts and vision of our Ancestors.  This book and movie, was written and directed by Nate Parker, also an extraordinary actor. (Interestingly, he grew up 42 miles from where the actual slave revolt happend.)   His heroic portrayal of Nat Turner as a human being who had been physically, mentally and spiritually violated, is right on.  He was not a demonized crazy man, as history suggests.  He only wanted to "free" his people. This book and movie clearly, debunks the myth that Black people did not "fight against and resist" the evils of slavery.  Mr. Parker's work is conscious, courageous and creative and it recognizes the importance of Black people writing their own history and creating their own stories and images.  I would like to see a Study Guide / Curriculum addon for educators to use in the classroom. Teach Nate.  Buy the book today!"

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