The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens: Student Activity Book
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The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens: Student Activity Book

Mychal Wynn (A)

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Descriptipn: The Eagles who Thought They were Chickens, Student Activity Book helps students develop critical thinking and leadership skills through 12 activities designed to enhance written, oral, and higher-order thinking abilities: Lets read the story; Lets discuss the characters; Lets discuss the language and behaviors; Lets review the story; How does the story relate to our school? Lets apply what weve learned from the story to our school and classroom; Lets create our own story; Lets affirm eagle words; Lets stamp out chicken words; What can we do to behave and speak like Eagles? Lets create an Eagles Nest; Lets create a supportive village (the classroom).

Students analyze the characters in the story (baby eagles, great eagles, chickens, and roosters) and the parallels between positive Eagle language and behaviors versus negative Chicken language and behaviors within their classroom and school community. The instructional lessons help students to internalize the character values, life skills, language, and behaviors that must become commonplace within their schools and classrooms if they are to spread their wings and soar toward their dreams. Pages are perforated and three-hole-punched. (91 pgs) Appropriate for students in grades K through 12. We are going to write down all of the Eagle Words. Then we are going to go around the classroom and allow each student to say an eagle word. We really want to say the word with feeling and emotion. Remember, eagle words are words that have the breath of life; words that define and describe our character. After each person says an eagle word, the entire class is going to repeat the word and together we are going to clap our hands three times. Everyone in our classroom, which well call our village, can use the language and demonstrate the behaviors of eagles. In doing so, we should identify and appreciate how we are all different. We all have unique talents, abilities, desires, interests, and skills. Lets examine how we can use our unique skills to create a strong, supportive, positive, and prosperous village to set goals and overcome obstacles in our school community. (Ages 6 - 11 )

Ashay says, "This activity book is great for all ages. I think it is good tool for teaching kids about character, value and life skills."

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