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The Son's of Liberty Book 1

Alexander Lagos (A), Joseph Lagos (A), Steve Walker (ILT), OrenKramek (ILT)

List Price: $12.99 (Paperback - Series / Graphic Novel / Adventure / Colonial Days / Superheroes 2010)

Description: In Colonial America, runaway slaves Graham and Brody escape their cruel master only to wind up in the clutches of someone far worse-William Franklin, a sadistic scientist who happens to be the illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin. After being used in one of William bizarre human experiments, the boys learn that they now have superhuman strength, speed, and intelligence. Discovered once again, this time by Ben Franklin and the mysterious hermit Benjamin Lay, the boys harness the new energies in their bodies, and use them in their practice of dambe (dembe), a West African martial art form of boxing. Yet even as they dream of freedom and escape, history and bigotry continue to conspire against them, causing them to become a pair of superhuman vigilantes. (176 pgs) Ages 8 - 25

Ashay says, "Sons of Liberty is a graphic novel with black superheros who were former slaves. The two brothers are thrust unjustlyinto a world of greed and corruption and so they must hide their powers to escape. I am glad to see this genre for our pre-teens. a favorite at book fairs. Add it to the classroom and library."

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ISBN: AAFT978-1423103851

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