What They Never Taught You In History Class Vol. 1
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What They Never Taught You In History Class Vol. 1

Indus Khamit-Kush (A) and Lon Sharpe (EDIT)

List Price: $19.95 (Paperback - African History / Origins / Contributions - 2003)

Description: Author: Indus Khamit Kush, tells of the stolen legacy of African people referencing historical documents. Denied, was their creation of philosophy, science, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, writing, medicine, humanity, civilization, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (Adam, Eve, Jesus, Mary, Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad were black). Prior to the European Slave Trade racism did not exist, Africans were highly regarded, respected and revered. During the European Slave Trade (15-19th centuries), Africans were lied to about their legacy, in order to justify enslaving them. He backs it up with documentation from both albinic and melanic historians. He proves that Athens, Greece was founded and colonized by an African King named Kecrops. Every nationality needs to read this book, it will change the major misconceptions and the abysmal mis-education we have about ourselves!

Ashay says, "If you have a conscious library, you should have this book. It clears the air on redirected concepts and out dated theories on African history. So now we know, there is only one Motherland and it is the continent of Africa. And her original people were and still are black. And it is the birthplace of every major religious icon. And her people have made more contibutions to human kind (that were stolen) than any other race of people. Want to know more, buy this book today for the classroom and library. Perfect for high school and college courses. Give credit and teach!"

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