Your Move
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Your Move

Eve Bunting (A) and James Ransome (ILT)

List Price: $17.00 (Hardcover - Gang Situation / Brothers / Peer Pressure - 1998)

Description: When ten-year-old James gang initiation endangers his six-year-old brother Isaac, they find the courage to say, Thanks, but no thanks. One night while their mom's at work, ten-year-old James and his six-year-old brother, Isaac, leave their house to meet the K-Bones, a group of guys who hang out and do cool stuff. James is ready to prove he's cool enough to be in with them, but he soon learns that the K-Bones are not just an innocent club--they're a gang that steals, tags freeway signs, and even plans to buy a gun. After a dangerous confrontation with a crew of older boys, James realizes that he's put Isaac in danger, and knows that if he finds the courage to walk away, Isaac will follow. (32 pgs) Ages 6-12

Ashay says, "I am always searching for great books for boys. And this is one I am glad that I found because the theme is on gangs and peer pressure. And it shows how easily innocent kids can get caught up. Please add it to your library and classroom today."

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