Ashay's African American Children's School Collections

Empower Your Students with A Custom Collection of Great Books that Meet Core Curriculum Standards

Ashay's 2018 - 2019 African American Children's Collections: Baby-3 and K-6 Grades SAVE 10% Now!

8 Collections include Approximately 500 books.  For each grade level, we thoughtfully selected the best literature from all genres, and themes that meet Core Curriculum Standards and are Approved by the Accelerator Reader Program.

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  • Book Formats Include (BB) Board Books, (PB) Paperback and (HC) Hardcover 
  • Collection Description Labeling By School, Grade or Collection 
  • Carton Labeling for Easy Sorting and Distribution                         
  • A Detailed Reading List With Your Shipment   
  • Order Complete Collections or Customize Your Selections
  • Expert Personalize Attention                               
  • Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery UPS Ground Shipping Only (United States) Below are photos of the collections. 

To Download The 2018 Reading List and Order Form For Each Collection: click here