Banned Books Week Oct 1-7, 2023

Posted by Deborah Day on Oct 30th 2023

Banned Books Week Oct 1-7, 2023

Banned Books Week Starts this week so it's time to make some noise.  Most everyone has heard about the ban on books by schools and school districts, libraries and universities within certain states.  This is part of the "critical race theory's" plan to hide the truth of our nation's history and to censure books that represent freedom of speech and the freedom to read. 

As a bookseller it is important to me that I sell books that are popular, diverse and in demand.  But it is more important that the books I sell, are culturally relevant that identify youth with their roots, ethnicity and history.  That reflect both positive and truthful images of themselves and their Ancestors and America past and present.

Here is a List of Banned Books that I carry that have been banned in some states.  I have read all the stories on this list and it is beyond my understanding as to why they have been banned.  Do not let your children be raised in ignorance.  The freedom to read is a right that we cannot afford to loose. Stay vigilant and make sure voice is heard.   Thank you.

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