The African Orchestra

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Wendy Hartmann (A)  and Joan Rankin (ILT)

List Price: $17.99 (Hardcover - Captures Natures Magic Vibe - 2017)

A magical journey that celebrates the African sounds of nature. In the beginning, when all things began, these were the sounds which were music to man. Cicadas, crickets, beetles and frogs Seedpods, cocoons, hollowed out logs Crackling fires, the patter of rain Thundering hooves on the African plain Birds in the air, in the trees on the land Wind in the grass through the leaves over sand. With magical illustrations from Joan Rankin, and poetry from masterful storyteller, Wendy Hartmann, The African Orchestra lyrically captures the magic of the African sounds of nature. From the clicking of crickets to the crackle of the fire, follow the journey that celebrates these sounds, in the rhythm and music of Africa. (32 pgs) Ages 2 - 5

Grade Level: Pre-School -3

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