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Here is a list of schools and organizations with book fairs in progress. Please select the fundraiser you wish to support and ENTER THE BOOK FAIR TRACKING CODE in the COUPON SECTION at CHECKOUT.  Your net purchase will be added to their sales goal and tracked through our online shopping cart.  If you wish to make a purchase and have the books shipped directly to the school or organization tell us on your order.  To determine which books your school needs please check their online Wish List (if available). Remember your sales dollars are helping your school or organization "Raise Funds to Raise Kids."     Not sure what books to purchase, then try an   An Ashay's GIFT CARD  Available in $25, $50, $75, $100, $250 and or $500.  

Please note: One Code or Coupon at a time. (No Double Dipping)  Thank you for your support and kindness. 


School / Organization Name      Location       BOOK FAIR TRACKING CODE  Dates

HEAD ROYCE SCHOOL    Oakland    Code HRS2019    Online Feb 12-April 9 

Head Royce School  is a nationally recognized school in the Oakland Hills. Our mission is to inspire a love of lifelong learning with a focus on scholarship, diversity, and citizenship. The purpose of this book fair is to celebrate Black History and to expand our African American Library Collection for Middle and Lower School students. Please download the Google Docs Wish list below and add your name by the books you plan to purchase. Ashay by the Bay does not stock all the titles listed so you can order any additional books on the list with a Gift Card.  Don’t forget to add code HRS2019 at the checkout to ensure FREE Shipping direct to our school at 4315 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602. All books will be delivered to our school April 15th.  Click Here To Access the Middle and Lower School  Book Wish List/Google Spreadsheet

Don’t see what you are looking for on the wish lists?  Feel free to browse Ashay’s collections and purchase something else. If you purchase a Gift Card for the Librarians please reference Debra Hughes (Lower School) or Christine Cuellar (Middle School) as the recipient(s) so they can use the Gift Cards through Ashay by the Bay.  If you buy something that is not on the wish list, we kindly ask that you add the title to the Google sheet (here) so we can keep track of all generous donations.

Parents, if you are making a personal purchase and you want the books shipped to your home or another location, please state that on your order and include the code HRS2019 in the notes so that we get the sales credit. For more information, please contact Carla Wicks ( or Maisha Gray-Diggs (

Thanks again HRS community for supporting our school and this African American Family Network community service project.


NORTH OAKLAND COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL  Oakland  Code NOCCS  Online Feb. 11- March 11, 2019 and Onsite Feb. 27 - 28, 2019

North Oakland Community Charter School (is a K-8 public school) and we are "Celebrating Black History Month" with this Online and Onsite Fundraiser at our school to infuse our library and classrooms with a diverse selection of books. You can help us reach our goal and purchase Gift Cards or Books for your favorite teacher and the books will ship free of charge by Media Mail.  Make sure to include our tracking code NOCCS and the school shipping address if needed. Our address is 1000 42nd Street Oakland, CA. 95608.  You can also shop and support us at our Onsite event Feb 27(11-3) and 28(1-8) at our school. If you have any other questions regarding this fund raiser contact Stephanie Montero at 510-282-5365  To learn more about our school please visit us at

BOYS IN THE HOOD BOOK CLUB        Sacramento      Code BNTH           Nov 2018 - 2019

"Boys In The Hood" Book Club is a reading club for African American Males Ages 8-12.   It was started by Dana Maeshia and other parents and activists in Sacramento. This Book Club was created so that these young boys will have more exposure to read and learn about their own culture and history.  We are doing this book fair because we need your support. We will list the books we need for our readings and you can purchase them separately online.  When you add the tracking Code BNTH with your order we will ship all the book(s) FREE.  The Ship to Address to enter for your order is the following:

  • Boys In The Hood Book Club                                                                           
  • 2251 Florin Rd 
  • Sacramento, CA.  95822                                                                                     

      Listed below is the Book Title and Quantity  needed for their next reading(s).  Our group size is about 20 students.  We will keep you updated your support is much appreciated.   For more information contact: Dana at 916-710-2127

      • Gift Cards are Preferred for January  February and March Sessions


      To Book Your Event Call 1-844-543-7732