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Support A Book Fair


Here is a list of schools and organizations with book fairs in progress. Please select the fundraiser you wish to support and ENTER THE BOOK FAIR TRACKING CODE in the COUPON SECTION at checkout.  Your net purchase will be credited automatically to their sales goal through our online shopping cart and you will save an extra dollar!  If you wish to make a purchase and have the books shipped directly to the school tell us on your order.  To determine which books your school needs please check their online Wish List (if available). Remember your sales dollars are helping your school or organization "Raise Funds to Raise Kids."

Please note: If you are supporting a book fair you cannot use a coupon for your personal use on the same order. (No Double Dipping) Thank you for your support and kindness. It’s a Win Win for Everyone!


School / Organization Name   Location   BOOK FAIR TRACKING CODE              Date(s)

MINDFUL MESSAGES MENTORING PROGRAM  Oakland, CA   Code MMMP2017  Online 5/15/17 - 6/15/18     The Mindful Messengers are planning a trip to the Washington D.C. in August 2018.  We need your support to help with our transporation and hotel expense.  Approximately 15-25 youth from West Oakland will be selected to participate in this educational trip.  For more information contact the Executive Director: Deborah Day or visit us at